December 15, 2017

Another laser pain relief success story

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Laser Therapy Success Story!

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84 Year Young Hypothyroid Patient, doing Great in 2 Weeks!

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Another Hypothyroid Success Story

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Hashimoto’s/Chronic Fatigue Testimonial

Hi Melany and Dr. Joe:Just wanted to give you a progress report.  Went to my daughter Darby's in Winston-Salem for Christmas.  Her house has 3 levels which means "stairs".  Last Christmas I could hardly get up and down those stairs--had to pull myself up using the hand rails.  This year, praise the Lord, I could manage the steps without holding on to anything--going up and coming down.  Amazing how much better I felt this year as compared to last year.  Darby is also following the gluten free … [Read more...]

Hashimoto’s/ Menopause Success Story

Hi Melany, Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, can't believe the New Year is upon us. Checking in,  wanted to let you know I'm about 5 days into my second bottle of supplements and down to half or less of progesterone drops.  I am feeling great, sleeping good again, amazed at how little time it took to turn things around. Time to place another order if Dr. Alaimo doesn't want to change anything.  As always thank you so much for all you have done and are continuing to do for me, you have … [Read more...]

Dr. Beyer Testimonial for Dr. Alaimo

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Dr. McCarthy Endorses Dr. Alaimo

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